Your first step to financial planning without time-consuming spreadsheets

Let our team show how fast and intuitive your budgeting, planning and forecasting can actually be

What we’ll show you

Full transparency into your booking data

You’ll learn that with just a view clicks, you upload all your financial data, deep-dive into specific cost centers and single-level bookings, or create creditor & debitor overviews

Personalized budgets, reports, and forecasts

You’ll see how easy it is to customize any report you need: omitting cost centers, setting specific KPI’s or even creating your own calculations.

Identify and track your creditors and debitors

You’ll discover how simple it is to compare your debitors and creditors, or track their booking history over any period of time

Liquidity planning and forecasting

We’ll show you how you can plan and control your liquidity and simulate multiple scenarios with the Helu platform