Helu FAQs

Once you’ve registered your account, you can upload your entire accounting data set of DATEV via drag-and-drop. In the dashboard you can then immediately start to create reports such as a totally customized P&L, cost center reports, marketing analysis, reports around creditors and debtors, full-drill down to the lowest booking level and quick export to Excel.
“You can only upload the ZIP file of ‘Export für steuerliche Vorabprüfung’. A csv file cannot be processed. NO OTHER upload can be processed, so please make sure you use the right data export from DATEV.
Yes, the tutorial is on our homepage, and can be found here: DATEV tutorial
The ‘Export für steuerliche Vorabprüfung’ can only be exported from DATEV directly, from DATEV Unternehmen Online. In this case, your tax advisor will have accessas this is the export requested by the tax authorities in a tax audit (Steuerprüfung). Every tax advisor in Germany should know how to download it and be able to extract it and send it to you in less than 3 minutes.
Helu works in all modern browsers e.g. Chrome, Safari or Firefox
Yes, we always offer a trial version after every demo. If you’d like to have your own personal demo, please book one with our team here: book a demo
Depending on your subscription package, your payment will automatically be renewed on a monthly or yearly basis. You’re free to cancel your subscription at any time.