Next level financial

planning & controlling 

All you need in one tool.

Analyze and control

Easy cost center analysis, accounts mapping
or deep dives on single booking levels

Collaborative budgeting and forecasting

Plan different scenarios with your team, without versioning problems and reliable actuals data

Analyze liquidity, creditors, debtors, or any other data

Create liquidity plans, calculate any KPIs, enrich reports with non-financial data, monitor creditors or debtors

Automate updates with full data integrity

Once set up, all reports update automatically in the format you created, while you can rely on the data

Onboard to Helu in  3 simple steps


Upload your Data

Upload your DATEV data manually or through DATEVconnect within 2 minutes


Customize your reports for multiple legal entities

Set up your individual P&L, cost center reports and liquidity plan, fully customizable and on your live accounting data (including the single booking level)


Start budgeting, forecasting, and planning

Invite your team members to plan, control or forecast all individual departments’ budgeting and liquidity data



  • build multiple scenarios
  • individual user access rights
  • versioning problems solved
  • correct actuals displayed live

controlling platform

  • cost center analysis
  • drill-down to single booking level
  • creditors & debtors analysis
  • exclude or hide accounts

ReportING platform

  • tailored financial statements
  • customized KPI calculations
  • flexible account mapping
  • 100% data integrity

All Features

In one App 

Individual reports

Flexible account mapping, controlling on single booking level

Budgeting & forecasting

team-wide collaboration to adjust and monitor plan vs. actuals

Liquidity analysis

scenario-based projections for every department

liquidity planner

  • plan and control your liquidity
  • simulate loan repayments or financing rounds
  • dynamic scenarios of liquidity events
  • collaboratively discuss run rate

Datev integration

Onboarding to Helu can be done via drag & drop of your data. Or add your tax advisor and get the data automatically via DATEVconnect.

Highest Data Protection

Your data is always protected with the world’s most modern data security measures

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What our  Customers say about us

Heiko Rahlfs
CFO, Wealthpilot

“Helu’s Financial Report Customizer is particularly advantageous – in the first four months we’ve saved at least 2 days of our monthly reporting time.”

Philipp Kuhlmann
Head of Finance, Mimi

“We don’t know of a comparable solution that makes DATEV data usable so easily and replaces our complex Excel solution.”

Jan Ronsöhr
Head of Finance, Mitte

“Our cost center reporting through Helu is as good as in an elaborate ERP solution.”